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The working week in Qatar is different from that of other non-muslim countries, given the weekend is placed on Friday and Saturday. Besides that, some companies at construction and oil and gas only provide one day off per week (normally Friday). It is important to be aware of this fact when evaluating offers for jobs in Qatar, since working six days instead or five means you will be investing a 20% more time in professional endeavors, and hence, your remuneration should at least be increased on the same percentage. It is also a good idea to check the working days with any potential employer in before accepting a job in Qatar to avoid surprises once the decision to move has been taken.

The number of bank holidays ranges between 8 and 20, again depending on industries. Civil servants and workers of most state-owned companies would enjoy a higher number of days off. The key periods are Eid-Al-Fitr (at the end of Ramadan), and Ead-Al-Adha (around two months after) each with at least 3 bank holidays.