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Women in Qatar

The role of women in the Qatari culture still has some differences with that of Western or Asian societies, although this group is progressively conquering new levels of independence. In contrast with other countries within the region, women are allowed to drive and have no impediments to study or work.

Women in Qatar
Women wearing the traditional abaya

Non-Muslim expatriate women are not expected to follow the same rules as locals, but must abide by certain codes of conduct to avoid cultural clash. A good example is the dressing style: in Qatar, women should dress modesty, meaning their knees and shoulders should not be visible. However, it is not compulsory to wear the abaya or to have the hair covered.

In many public places, there are different facilities for men and women (gyms, mosques ...) and some businesses are dedicated exclusively to males or females.

Expat women can work and even become head of the household and sponsor the rest of the members (husband, children ...). For more details on this, check the visas in Qatar section.

It is also important to notice that member of different sex cannot cohabitate unless they are married.