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The weather in Qatar

Temperatures in this part of the world are really high. The good news is that most of the buildings are equipped with AC and infrastructure capable of dealing with the weather in Qatar. Moreover, the majority of the expats are able to adapt quickly, and increase their resilience to heat in the first months. After some time living in Qatar, temperatures that seemed unbearable during the first days turn out to be uncomfortable, but endurable. It is also remarkable that when travelling back to your original country, you will notice that your sensibility to low temperatures is no longer the same, and you will surprise yourself looking for a jacket when the thermometer goes below 25ºC/75ºF

In the following table you will be able to check the average highest and lowest temperature recorded over a period of 15 years by the Qatar Weather Authority. This will give you an idea of the normal weather in Qatar.

It is critical to drink enough water and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight during the warmest months. The risk of heat stroke is relatively high, especially among outdoor workers. During the summer, walking a few blocks is a risky task. Any kind of outdoor activity, walk or visit to the grocery becomes an extenuating experience.

Month Average Temperature oC
Min Max
Jan 12.8 21.7
Feb 13.7 23.0
Mar 16.7 26.8
Apr 20.6 31.9
May 25.0 38.2
Jun 27.7 41.2
Jul 29.1 41.5
Aug 28.9 40.7
Sep 26.5 38.6
Oct 23.4 35.2
Nov 19.5 29.5
Dec 15.0 24.1
Source: World Meteorological Organization