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Visa in Qatar

There are multiple types of visa in Qatar and not all of them allow you to apply for jobs. See below a list of the main types:

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In almost all cases, expatriates join Qatar workforce using a work visa valid for 2 or 3 years. Each worker depends on a local sponsor, who is responsible for any debt that the sponsored may leave unpaid when departing the country. Therefore, employees need to request sponsor authorization to open a bank account, request a credit card or a loan, change companies or leave the country. Every time you take a plane, you will need an "exit permit", a document certifying that your sponsor allows you to leave Qatar. In the case of family visa, such authorization is not required.

The procedure for obtaining a work visa in Qatar, although lengthy and complex, is led in almost all cases by the sponsoring company and beyond providing some documents, there is no action you need to take. Sometimes families enter the country as tourists, and take a flight to a nearby destination (usually Dubai or Bahrain) every two months to get a new visit visa on the return.