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The definitive method to find jobs in Qatar

If you are really serious about finding jobs in Qatar, we want to share the method with the highest probabilities of success. The key idea is that you visit Doha for a few days and use that time to network aggressively. Although it sounds a bit risky, and perhaps you are wondering how to build a network when do not know anyone in Qatar, there are some factors that play in your favor.

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The method, step by step

  1. Create a list of all companies relevant to you. You can start using our major companies in Qatar section.
  2. For each of them, investigate thoroughly their corporate website. If there is any position that fits you, complete the online application and note the ID code of the offer.
  3. Use LinkedIn to discover the names of the HR managers or department heads. The latter are generally more useful because they are the ones who will ultimately make the decision. In terms of priority, you should follow this list: direct manager, head of department, HR recruiting manager, other HR professional.
  4. Restaurant in Qatar
    Restaurant in Qatar
  5. Get to the reception of the company in business attire during office hours and explain that you come to meet the first person on your list. If he or she is not available, move on to the next name. In most of the cases, the receptionist will contact your target by phone and you might have the opportunity to speak to him. In other cases, security staff will simply let you in and point you to the right room.
    • You should prepare a short pitch to explain the reason of your visit, for example, "I am a graduate in X with Y years of experience in company Z, and I was wondering if you have two minutes to discuss a potential career opportunity in your department" (name the position if there is one in particular). Typically, a good number of attempts will be successful, and the person will agree to meet you. In case you have a shared LinkedIn connection, do not forget to mention it.
  6. Once you have managed to meet the right person, concisely describe your profile and provide a copy of your CV and business card. Try to get the all possible information about the company and future job opportunities. In some cases, the meeting might become an informal a job interview, so be prepared for this possibility.
  7. Follow up with the person you met during the next weeks.

Visit companies during the working hours, and use the rest of your time to go to social gatherings / events / conferences. This way, you can return home with a few business cards that will help you enormously to find jobs in Qatar.