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Taxes in Qatar

One of the main advantages of working in Qatar or in any other Gulf state is that your salary is tax-free. This is relevant when comparing wages among countries, as you should always benchmark your offer against the post-tax amount you are currently receiving.

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Still, you need keep in mind fiscal policies of your country of origin. It may happen that the savings that you send home are subject to taxation if you have not followed a series of steps. If there are double-taxation conventions you need to review them to ensure you meet your legal obligations. This might entail registering yourself as a non-resident in your home country's tax collection agency. .

As a general rule, we recommend that as soon as you have a valid Qatar ID, you register as a resident at your embassy and ask for more details about taxation.

Finally, living abroad might allow you to benefit from value added tax (VAT) exemptions when you return to your home country and purchase items that you plan to bring back to Qatar.