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Salaries in Qatar - Structure

This section describes the format and different components of wages, if you are just looking for figures, visit Salaries in Qatar - Structure.

One of the biggest attractions of the region is the saving capability that most positions enable. Salaries in Qatar are always a topic of conversation among residents and foreigners, and in fact, it is often very difficult to determine what a reasonable wage for each position is. Lots of public data is available and ranges for the same position are so wide that it is quite complex to have a reasonable figure.

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Normally salaries in Qatar have three components:

It is important to understand the structure of remuneration and to assess the offer as a whole, since in some cases the house allowance can become 20-40% of the salaries in Qatar.

Besides what we mentioned on the importance of nationality section, the context in which the offer has been made usually has great impact on the salary proposed. When headhunters or HR departments hire people with specialized knowledge, or who are working in reputable firms in other countries, they are forced to offer very attractive packages to encourage the mvoe. On the other hand, applications in response to a job offer published by the company often receive an offer in a lower range.