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Networking in Qatar

Your personal network is probably the most effective tool in order to look for jobs in Qatar. A recommendation to your prospective manager by a trusted colleague, or an introduction at a social gathering to an HR manager has a great impact in your chances of receiving a offer. Hence, your first step is to share your intentions with your family, friends and professional colleagues to try to discover if they have any contacts in the region.

Given the relative small size of the country, and the limited presence of international companies, it is normal to just find one or two connections distant from your areas of interest that can help a little. Anyhow, try to engage with them and find out the status of the job market in their domain. It is also a good idea to ask them to share any opportunity they find out, because that kind of information gives you an overwhelming advantage over other candidates.

In addition to this traditional route, you can explore these alternatives:

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