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Nationality matters to find a job in Qatar

Qatar hosts a large number of foreign workers, and in fact, the local population accounts for only 20% of the inhabitants of the country. There is a significant blend of cultures, and the size of the Hindu and Western communities make them the most relevant ones.

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When it comes to the job market, the country of origin is often used as an unwritten criterion for determining remuneration. The variances can be very significant, and in many cases independent of the years of experience and professional skills of the candidates. Thus, the difference between the salary of a local and a western can be from 20 to 50 percent for a similar position. Also, the difference between the salary of a western and that of an Asian can reach the same proportions. On the other hand, unskilled jobs on construction or maintenance are often poorly paid, and are mostly held by nationals of India, Nepal and the Philippines.

It is also common to witness different attitudes in customer service agents or shop-owners when they are dealing with locals in comparison with other residents. While this happens to some extent in every other country, in Qatar this difference is a little bit more noticeable.