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Lifestyle in Qatar

Perhaps the key advantage of moving to Qatar is having the opportunity to get a job with a higher salary, and hence, be able to enjoy a better life quality versus your home country. Most often, you will live in a much larger and newer house, located in a building / complex equipped with gym and swimming pool. It is also possible that you can afford an apartment in a skyscraper within West Bay, where you will feel like staying in the heart of Manhattan.

Jobs in Qatar - Lifestyle
Hummers are very popular in Doha roads

You will also be able to acquire a larger car, and part of your usual activities will include dining at the Ritz, going to the swimming pool at the diplomatic club or having a drink in one of the five-star hotel nightclubs placed in West Bay. You will rent boats to party with friends, take your SUV for a tour through the desert, participate in weekends regattas at the sailing club, watch Federer and Nadal at the Tennis Masters, Pedrosa and Rossi at the MotoGP…

For holidays, you will enjoy the excellent flights connections of Qatar Airways, and make some weekend escapes to nearby paradises that seemed too far away in your previous life. Maldives, Zanzibar, Thailand... are now just six hours away!

You will find it easy to get used to tailored suits (very affordable in local tailors) and high wages. Many former expatriates, back in their country of origin, remember with nostalgia the lifestyle they left behind. We believe that once you return back, you will also fantasize about your stay in Qatar. Or who knows, you might decide to stay forever...