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Arabic is the official language in Qatar, though English is extremely widespread and the universal language at most workplaces of the peninsula. The majority of the official documents, informative panels, and leaflets are in both languages, though there are some official forms that can only be completed in Arabic. Due to the past influence of the UK in the region and the high percentage of migrant workers, the majority of the inhabitants speak English to some degree.

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On the other hand, the average Engñ`¡lish level among the population is not very high, and most jobs require just an average skill, equivalent to B1-B2 on European standards or Cambridge's First Certificate. In fact, there are cases of expat employees who can work in their language if they belong to a company from the country they are original from. This is common for Arabic or Indian companies.

Finally, there are multiple academic institutions that facilitate the learning of Arabic to foreigners at affordable prices. The Fanar and Qatar Foundation are the most well-known options.