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Interviews for jobs in Qatar

The interview is an essential part of any selection process; however the good news is that when you reach this stage, the company is really interested in you and just want to see if you're as good as your CV promises.

Arab couple
Arab couple

It is recommended to prepare in detail, thoroughly investigating the company website, the projects you might be working in, and rehearsing typical questions (three strengths, three weaknesses, reasons to work in Qatar, your most important project...) Like any interview, there are multiple correct answers. For a recruiter the objective is to use the responses to find trustworthy candidates consistent with the desired profile. It is a best practice to lead generic questions to situations in which you over-achieved or over-performed.

Remote interview

The first interview can be telephonic, or in some cases, via Skype. Remote interviews are very common when you are looking for jobs in Qatar, and their goal is to determine whether the person on the other side of the line matches the CV, and if there is any evident issues that disqualify the candidate for the job. To sum up, it is just a safety checks to save time and unnecessary costs.

There might be some challenges that are inherent to this type of interview. First, difficulties to understand the questions might arise due to the interviewer pronunciation or the quality of the connection. Secondly, candidates are not able to use non-verbal communication. To overcome these difficulties, the best way is to practice. We encourage you to get interviewed by your colleagues thru the phone, and then gather their feedback on how to improve.

Face to face interview

Once you've succeeded in the remote interview, you will be invited to an in-person interview. If the company has a subsidiary in your country, it might take place at their local premises or you might have to travel to Qatar.

In addition to the usual considerations for interviews, you should prepare an answer to the following questions:

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