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Healthcare in Qatar

In the last ranking developed by the World Health Organization (2000), healthcare in Qatar stood at 44th position, below most Western countries, in levels comparable to those of Eastern Europe and some Latin American countries, and above most of Asian and African countries. Although the quality of healthcare has experienced great progress during the past decade, it would not be accurate to equate it to the US standard, according to the 2006 report by the same institution.

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Public healthcare in Qatar (Hamad Medical Corporation) has great resources and professionals, and in most of the cases expatriates feel cared at par with the standards they are used to in their home countries. Common problems of average severity are detected and treated in an appropriate manner (appendicitis, fractures ...), but milder conditions (whiplash, migraines ...) might be more complex to solve. It is important to note that in some facilities, men are not allowed to enter with their wives.

Most of the expatriates also visit some of the many private healthcare institutions (Al Ahli Hospital, Doha Clinic ...) when they are looking for a quicker appointment with a specialist. Costs can vary significantly, so it is recommended to have a medical insurance for all family members. When it comes to finding a good doctor, usually word of mouth is the best tactic.

Finally, there are also specialized centers such as Aspertar that enjoy worldwide recognition, and receive top athletes from all over the world for treatment.

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