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Headhunters in Qatar

If you have several years of professional experience, it is highly advisable to contact headhunters in Qatar to assess if you fit in any of the vacancies they are recruiting for. Request them to include your profile in their internal database, so that whenever a sudden opportunity arises, you are considered before the position is posted on internet.

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In most of the cases headhunters in Qatar advertise their vacancies in webs and some search engines, but if you manage to be contacted before the offer gets publicly available, you will endure far less competitors in the initial stages of the process. In almost every case, opportunities handled by these companies are at executive or line manager level, though it is also possible to find some specialist vacancies. In any case, you are normally expected to have at least 3-5 years of experience.

Currently there are almost no firms that have an exclusive office for Qatar. Most of them consider the Gulf as their working cluster, and handle all opportunities in the Middle East through their regional office, based in most of the cases in Dubai. Hence, it is possible that when you use this channel, you are also considered for positions in other countries of the GCC.

Find below several links of headhunting firms (local and regional) that have a significant business in Qatar. You are encouraged to visit their webs, and also to use LinkedIn to contact consultants specialized on your industry/functional area.

Beyond this, you can also take a look at, a web that contains information about firms based all over the world. You might have to visit them one by one to investigate if they have presence in the region and positions that suit you.Además, si tienes tiempo te animamos a consultar la web

Just in case you were wondering, most of the times headhunters will not charge candidates, but companies they are trying to fill the position for.