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Career growth in Qatar

Due to the particularities of Qatar job market, for an important number of workers the only way to achieve higher degrees or responsibility is promoting within their own company.

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Usually, expats spend in Qatar an average of two to three years. In most of the cases, they only hold one job during this time. Companies are well aware of the fact that a good number of their employees consider their residence in Qatar (and hence, their job) as a temporal situation, and are reluctant to invest in training. HR departments of some companies tend to look for the profiles they need to fill vacancies outside of the company, rather than trying to upgrade one of their own employees, given the risk of this strategy due to the high turnover rates.

On the other hand, most of the companies in the region are experiencing wild growth and opportunities for promotion are numerous and accessible, making Qatar an attractive country if you are looking for career advancement. Other firms do not rely on internal promotion at all, and employees remain at entry level for the rest of their days. The key difference is the momentum and philosophy of each company, so it is always a good idea to research those before accepting any offer for a job in Qatar.

Performance assessment mechanisms are not widely spread even in the largest local companies, so it can also be difficult to prove one’s merits when looking for a promotion.