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The government in Qatar

Probably the key difference between the Qatari Government and that of most Western or Asian countries is its ruling system. Qatar has an absolute monarchy, and Islamic principles guide some of the laws passed in the country. For example, access to internet is funneled through a firewall that censors pages that are not compliant with Islamic principles.

Emiri Diwan, located in the Corniche
Emiri Diwan, located in the Corniche

You will discover that bureaucracy in Qatar can be sometimes complex and time-consuming, but this is something common to a great number of countries in the world. The schedule of some government offices is not regular, and normally it is difficult to access information on what documents are required to initiate a particular request. Whenever you approach any of these facilities, be ready to spend significant time waiting... In most of the cases, documents are only accepted in Arabic, so it is necessary to fill the forms using translators, whose offices use to be conveniently located in the surroundings of all official buildings.

As a results of this, there is a great level of uncertainty with regards to visas, permits and other procedures, and due dates might vary enormously among different situations. On the other hand, some areas of the Public Administration are a model of efficiency and organization. The traffic department is a good example of this.

Fortunately, most of the companies have a Public Relations Office responsible to handle all government-related tasks for the company and employees, so unless you need to initiate any submission on your own, you will have guidance when it comes to begin any contact with the Administration.