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Education in Qatar

The level of education in Qatar (and in other Middle East countries) are reasonable, but there are significant differences among the various institutions. Usually, you will be able to enroll your children in a framework similar to that of your country, especially if you are British, Pilipino or Indian. Due to the abrupt and continued increase in the number of expats in Doha, it is significantly difficult to be admitted in the most demanded schools. It is therefore recommended to initiate the process as soon as possible, and to leverage the contacts of your employer to increase the probabilities of success with regards to education in Qatar.

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The tuition fees are somehow more expensive than what expats are used to, and can reach up to QR 70.000 (€15.000, $20.000) per year, so it is crucial to consider this when evaluating a job offer. Some companies include within the packages an allowance to subsidize (or in some cases fully cover) the expenses.

Classes begin end August and finish in June.

With regards to universities, there is a wide offer taking into consideration the size of the country. Qatar Foundation´s Education City, located in the outskirts of Doha, holds colleges of very prestigious American and European universities, such as Georgetown, Cornell, Northwestern, HEC…

See below a brief list of schools, most of them with English curricula: