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Driving in Qatar

Qatar urban and climatic conditions turn your car into an essential tool. Heat, distances, limited public transportation options and lack of sidewalks in most of the metropolitan areas force most of residents to own or rent a vehicle.

Driving in Qatar
Driving is a dangerous activity in Doha

Driving is in the region can be stressing for most of the expats. Sudden and unexpected lateral movements, abrupt changes of speed, endless traffic jams and obstruction of traffic lanes due to a great variety of reasons (construction, accidents, drivers waiting for a relative, empty cars whose owners are making a chore…) are an everyday experience in Qatari roads. Driving at rush hour through Doha requires a blend of patience, skill and aggressiveness that might take you some time to acquire.

The number of accidents is high. Without reaching the levels of Saudi Arabia (a place known in the region for the aggressive approach to driving of their residents), collisions are quite frequent. In the event of an accident, it is required to obtain a report from the local police in order to make any repairs to your vehicle or initiate any claims to the insurance. When it is easy to identify who has caused the accident, drivers agree to meet in the nearest police station to obtain the report. If the causes are not so clear, the cars must remain in the position of the accident until the nearest police unit arrives.

Another peculiarity of the region is that a significant percentage of the vehicles are SUVs and pick-ups, so in case of an incident the probability of having heavy vehicles involved is quite elevated. It is also not infrequent to find a vehicle with just two airbags, or with an emission level far above that required in Europe or US.

Petrol is sold at around 1 QR per liter (0.2€, 0.27$). Taxis are really cheap, and in general it is difficult to pay for an average trip more than 30 or 40 QR (4-5€, 5-7$), unless you depart from a special location, such as the airport of the museum of Islamic art.