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How to dress in Qatar

Women's Clothing

You must bear in mind the Islamic-rooted culture of Qatar when choosing your clothing. Skipping the usual dress code at certain places can be perceived as an offense by the Qatari women, and can make you the object of stares or even attention calls.

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Dressing code information

General rules regarding dressing:


Despite the extreme heat we have mentioned in our weather in Qatar section, temperature inside offices is kept at around 20 ° C through heavy use of air conditioning. It is therefore essential to always have within reach a jacket or thin jumper. As for the dress code the general criteria is business casual

If your job requires you to be outdoors, it is advisable to bring comfortable, breathable clothing within the general rules regarding legs, shoulders... Open shoes are also a good idea during the summer.


Typically it is OK to wear jeans, skirts, sweatshirts, or long shorts for everyday plans like going to the cinema or walking around town. At most beaches or in the desert, you can use Western bikinis and summer clothing. On the public beaches there are signals describing the appropriate dress code.


Most clubs and pubs are located in 5 star hotels because of the restrictions to obtain an alcohol license. Therefore, for a night out you dress pretty neatly. Discos are the only place in Doha in which the general rules on dress code can be ignored, and hence, ladies are able to use short dresses with strapless neckline.


Doha Souq
Local Couple in Doha Souq


Business clothing in Doha fits the international standard, so we recommend you prepare your normal suits, shirts, ties, shoes… In fact, one of the luxuries you can easily afford in Doha is a tailor-made suit, at one of the multiple shops around the city.


Do not forget to also include a set of shirts, shorts, swimsuits, flip-flops and other kind of comfortable cloths to go to the beach or walk around the city.


When visiting restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs, you can use sport clothing such as trousers, jeans, shirts, T-shirts... Shoes that can be worn without socks are highly recommended. If you want to dress more formally, you can reapply clothes for your work.