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Changing jobs in Qatar

One of the greatest surprises that the uninformed expat discovers once he has found a job in Qatar is that it is not possible to move to another company as easily as he had imagined. Given the company sponsor holds control and responsibility over the sponsored employee, any transfer of sponsorship is subject to the goodwill of this figure. So in case you desire to switch jobs in Qatar, it is necessary to transfer the sponsorship from your initial company to the new one. One of the requirements of this bureaucratic procedure is a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the transferring sponsor.

Doha Bank Tower
Doha Bank Tower

The willingness of companies to provide this NOC is quite variable. Some companies force employees to remain in the job until they have found a substitute, others request a minimum time in the company, and others do not provide it under any circumstance. In any case, it is critical to handle the issue very carefully and be informed of the policies that your potential employer has with regards to this matter when analyzing an offer for a job in Qatar, since in some cases, the first position will be the last.

Due to this fact, it is not recommended to accept a job that is not fully compliant with your requirements with the intention of beginning to look for a new one after arriving to Qatar. This situation is much brighter if you are working under a family visa, given that in this case you sponsor a person of your family, and hence, you can easily get an authorization.